Project Description

The advanced pre-combustion CO2 removal is effectuated by the Sorption Enhanced Water-Gas Shift (SEWGS) technology. This is a solid adsorption technology for CO2 capture from fuel gases in combination with water-gas shift and acid gas removal. The main objectives of the proposed STEPWISE project is to scale up the SEWGS technology for the CO2 capture from Blast Furnace Gas (BFG) with three overall demonstration goals in comparison to state-of-the-art technologies:
  • Higher carbon capture rate – i.e. lower carbon intensity, 85% reduction
  • Higher energy efficiency – i.e. lower energy consumption for capture, 60% reduction
  • Better economy – i.e. lower cost of CO2 avoided, 25% reduction
The STEPWISE project will achieve this by the construction and the operation of a SEWGS pilot test installation at a blast furnace site. This will further reduce the risks associated with scaling up of technology. Additionally, adsorbent production scale-up and endurance testing will be addressed. For the first time, three key components in the required technology chain will be coupled together:
  • an industrial Blast Furnace Gas source;
  • subsequent BFG pre-processing using advanced water-gas shift technology;
  • and finally CO and sulphur component cleanup with simultaneous CO2 removal in the SEWGS.
The consortium ready to achieve this represents 9 partners from 5 member states, bringing together technology providers, adsorbent and catalyst manufacturers, to system design and engineering companies through to an industrial end user, all committed to proactive dissemination and information exchange with stakeholders and other CCS technology developments.
The demonstration at a 14 t/d CO2 removal rate is used to prove the technology using real BFG. The performance is used to update the techno-economic evaluation and to assess the environmental impact relative to other state-of-the-art CO2 removal technologies. Moreover, it serves as basis for the design of a full-scale unit and associated costing. In parallel, alternative applications of the H2-rich SEWGS product gas within the steel plant configuration is investigated.
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